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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 13, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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tv's daily number one viral video tv show, "right this minute." a buffalo escapes a lion by heading water. but -- >> there is a crocodile. a tough choice faced by a very tough creature. rally racers have no clue they're about to be engulfed by -- >> a huge fire inside the cabin. >> the terrifying moment as it creeps up the seats as it struggles to escape. >> oh, you are kidding. look at this! >> 'tis the season for college acceptance videos. >> you know how that works these days. >> the keepsake moments of kids breaking the news to mom.
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[ screaming ] we've got christian, ollie, charity, nick, and breaking down the latest on the web. why this dish goes down so smooth. there at krueger national park in south africa. you can see all sorts of animals running left and right because there are predators out there. one buffalo didn't get the memo. suddenly starts running because he can see something is chasing him. lions and bears, a bunch of them. >> in the water, that's the right instinct, nick. there's no real other option. they're surrounded by lions. the buffalo takes to the water and tries to swim for it. >> wait a minute.
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crocodiles? >> how unlucky can a buffalo be? turns out this buffalo is really unlucky. >> there we go. things just got worse, now there's a crocodile trying to get ahold of it. >> maybe the buffalo is too big, too powerful for that croc. >> there you are, in the water, and then outside of the water are the lions. rock, meet hard place. >> the buffalo now starts swimming back towards the shore which is now populated entirely by lions. facing unsurmountable odds, there's really only one course of action -- fight back. >> the buffalo starts chasing a lion and doesn't realize there's one chasing from behind. >> that was close. >> i hope this was the fittest of the buffalo, therefore it must survive. >> help is on the way.
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>> incredible video a lot of people are comparing to the one from ten years ago, the battle of krueger, which was very similar, a buffalo was caught between lions and crocs and got saved by the herd. it turns out you can really on your homeys. i think rally racing is one of the most exciting forms of racing. these guys on a rally stage in argentina. there's obstacles all over the place. the driver doesn't truly memorize the track. he's listening to his navigator. you really have to be on point. and these two guys -- [ speaking in spanish ] >> yeah, i asked you to say the name. they're on this stage and picking up a ton of speed. sometimes the challenges that race drivers face come from within, right? there are problems on this stage
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that don't come from within. they've already happened but it's hard to see right. holy cow! >> oh, you are kidding. >> get out! >> huge fire inside the cabin. the driver is basically before she can even bring the car to a stop. that fire gets oxygen, it takes off. let's see if we can get a better idea what happened from this angle. my guess would be some sort of fuel supply. by the way it takes off so quickly, it looks like sort of accelerant like fuel. >> now they have to release themselves from those seatbelts. >> do they get out? yes. through all that smoke. did you see them get out? but now it's a matter of trying to keep their race car from going up in total flames and smoke. the passenger door opens. somebody uses one of those fire
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extinguishers. it takes a few attempts but they do manage to put this fire out. the race driver and his navigator credit nearby safety officials for helping extinguish this car and saving their ride. no injuries to these guys either. [ speaking in spanish ] justin has applied to princeton. late in march, he's finally got that letter. justin is talking to his brother, and he's asked him, please don't tell mom because he wants to surprise mom at work of next day. >> i'm so nervous for this. [ screaming ] >> aww. >> she's been hoping and praying for that for a long time. >> she is so thrilled. >> i have a confession. >> what? >> that's it.
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>> the thing is she doesn't care. >> she should bero in illinois. lily here has applied to chapman university, a top notch film school. she can't bring herself to look until -- [ screaming ] >> you didn't get in? >> she glances over. >> she falls apart. [ screaming ] >> wow. >> oh, my god! >> wow. >> wait, who's going to college? >> she put in the work too. >> now she's got to move all what i from illinois to california. but it's cool, no problem. >> maybe that's why mom is so happy. >> you might be on to something. >> lily shared some pictures on
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her instagram from the campus. you can see just how happy they are. >> i'm going to be famous! y'all, i couldn't make half of this stuff up if i tried to. the video opens up and you see three cars. >> they box one in. >> yep. >> but suddenly two men get out of the car. >> wait, no. >> yes. >> no. no. did you see that? >> and the two robbers get out of separate cars. the one, the right foot bandit, they call him the one legged bandit, actually, goes hopping. >> in flip-flops no less too. >> oh, man. >> his gun is drawn. the man in the car, he runs off. those men hop in his car. the irony is, days later this one legged bandit attempted to
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steal another car only what he didn't know was it was an off-duty officer. so he got shot. and he was taken to the hospital. >> ooh. >> however, the person inside that car is smoking. stop smoking. are you not listening? >> was that a fire extinguisher? >> that's exactly what it was. he's like, i told you to put that out, this is dangerous, you're not listening. >> and the thing is, it is. we've seen so many videos on this show of people smoking at gas stations and they cause a bi big old explosion. >> what did i say, i said what i said, put it out. >> he's going to have some time to cool off because reports are he was detained by police and will be hanging out for about three days. a family outing turns into a
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rocky rescue mission. >> they're finally able to make an opening. >> the moment they manage to save one very happy kid. [ goat bleating ] and a super incredible sight to see. >> the fact they don't run into each other is blowing my mind. >> navigating busy skies, coming up. found one! ♪ ( laughter ) found one! ♪ found one. ♪ detergent alone doesn't kill bacteria, but adding lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9%
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age act kids fluoride rinse,ongo by -- stop imagining, start acting
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it sounds like something crying. >> it is something crying. that young man is breaking away that branch that was stuck. >> these people went to lake lae amistad to go fishing. >> there's something in there. they're trying to get closer and closer. they're finally able to make an opening. that man reaches in and grabs what's stuck in there. [ goat bleating ] >> it feels like it got caught in a rock slide. >> which is possible because they love climbing on rocks. one misstep, and boom. >> everybody kind of admires the goat. they're happy about their work. they're pleased they were able to make this rescue even though this is a fishing trip.
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>> here's the thing. there are two goats that are making noise in this rescue. [ goat bleating ] >> it sounded like it was his buddy on top of the rocks. >> i think the friend are calling to each other. >> "hey, i'm coming, just wait for me, i'm coming." >> it looks like it was uninjured. >> and they're trying to find each other at this point. we're pretty positive the two found each other because they're goats, they're good climbers. we use different words for groups of things. like if you're talking about birds, you're talking about a flock. if you're talking about a group of birds that do all kinds of crazy things, it's a
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murmuration. what do you call a group of paragliders? >> dangerous. >> risky. >> this is the paragliding world cup super finals. all these people know what's up. this moment right here, you can truly see the effect of the therm thermal, they catch it and start to go upward. >> speeding up the video helps you understand it more. >> the fact that they don't run into each other is blowing my mind, because they're so, so close. >> the cool part about paragliding world cups is that they happen five to six times a year, worldwide. they take the best of each individual event and then bringd suer final. this is happening in the skies over brazil. >> they've got a whole series of wave points. it can be really far as well. >> and the winner of these events is typically the pilot who completes each predetermined
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portion or the person who flies the furthest. if you don't catch the thermals, down you go. ladies, listen up. >> little mattie has sound advice. >> don't listen to boys because they can hurt your feelings. >> that is true. mattie for the win for 2019. i don't want to be hurt, mattie. plus the best of the best caught flipping out and it's just everything. >> see how, next. >> that's pretty cool. >> i'll try it. -guys, i want you to meet someone. this is jamie. you're going to be seeing a lot more of him now. -i'm not calling him "dad." -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in helping your mom bundle and save with progressive, but hey, we're all in this together. right, champ? -i'm getting more nuggets. -how about some carrots? you don't want to ruin your dinner. -you're not my dad! -that's fair.
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s my b pof or have flu-like symptoms or sores. ♪ ♪ it obviously doesn't know you. icyhot. icy to dull, hot to relax. rise from pain. icyhot. parents, you better be careful what you say, it's always going to come back to haunt you. >> eva jackson had off from school today and she's getting on my last nerves. >> maybe she's just got questions about life. >> i love her to the moon and back but she's pushing>> shso cu
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should go>> she woke up. >> she's about to learn some curse words. it's the over the shoulder, here's my booty. >> and the thing is, she's correct. you have to let her drop the mic and deal with it. >> this is where the children find the rules don't apply to you, they apply to them. >> little miss maddie drops the mic. ladies, listen up, this is advice. >> that's why, don't -- don't listen to boys. >> boom, straight up right there. you heard it here first, folks. >> they can hurt your feelings. >> mm-hmm. that is true. >> yes. how old is she that she learned this already? >> she's 4 years old going on 40. >> thank you for that advice.
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>> boys can hurt girls' feelings. really, you don't want nobody to hurt you, right? >> right. >> we will not listen to boys, we will ignore them, they will no longer hurt our feelings. the men, definitely, though, apply. >> don't listen to boys because they canfeelings. ♪ who needs 'em usually i'm try and find all the best bits of a video so we can show you guys at the table all the quality parts. there was no need to do it in this case. it's just everything. it was captured in daytona, florida. it's just a bunch of people doing this. >> flipping? >> well, stamping would be the way to put that. it's almost like it's the sort of thing when you watch the major cheerleading championships as well. it's a bunch of buff dudes throwing women up in the air and catching them. ho her on their hands and she
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stays there. >> it's crazy, it's ridiculous. this dude takes the quickest route to the beach. >> that's pretty cool, if you could do that, right? >> i'll try it but i don't think it will turn out the same way. >> we've seen a lot of videos of dudes picking up chicks at the beach. this is better than those kind of videos. >> are all these people cheerleaders, gymnasts? >> i was wondering what was going on. the video itself is actually titled daytona stunt fest 2019. a clue is at the end, you're on to something, vera. i'm only speculating here but maybe when they're not competing, they're all cutting loose on the beach and also exceptional at what they do, why not combine the partying with
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the playing. he's got a little grooming planned for his girlfriend. but she is fast asleep. why she's going to wake up to a nightmarish new look.
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>> stop it. >> way to use your noggin, kid. the lion's den, an appropriate name for this particular youtube channel because it shows couple who likes to prank each other. last time, carissa jumped head first into the lion's den by faking a dna test that questioned the parentage of his son. time for the lion to fight break. >> live by the prank, break up by the prank. >> he's gotten hold of some nair, hair removal cream if you will. carissa is asleep. he sets up the camera. and starts liberally applying some nair to the eyebrow that's just peeking out of the covers. >> i think this would wake me up. does she wake up? >> no. and he has put it on rather
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liberally. >> how long does it stay on there? >> you know they advise you to leave it on for three to five minutes. so he gives it eight, he adds the two numbers together. time to poke this lion. >> she must have had a late night last night because she is unconscious. >> she's completely ignoring him. he just addresses it head on. >> look, i put some nair on your eyebrow. >> what the [ bleep ] are you talking about? >> i put nair on your eyebrow. >> oh, she's awake now. >> stop. >> there are some remnants of the eyebrow in the sink. >> why are we doing this? >> dna test. >> at this point she has the audacity to say -- >> i would never do something like this to you. >> i would never do something
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like this to you, baby. >> i would just fake a dna test to make you question the parentage of your child. >> why would you do that? >> i love you, baby. >> he's in the doghouse for about a month, which when you think about it is about the time it would take to grow back an eyebrow. >> dna test. >> i love you. it goes by fast when you're having fun but things never stop at
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>> john collins: the following is a paid program by solar4america. >> jim petersen: we're in an age now where i think panels should be on every home in america regardless of the cost of electricity because it simply saves you money and you have independence, and that's important. [audience applauding] >> john: hi everybody, my name is john collins. i'm an author, i'm a world record holder, and a science educator. and one of the first things you'll learn in science is to be a little skeptical, be a lot skeptical as a matter of fact. people in this state, they don't like being told what to do, they don't want to sit down, they don't want to shut up. they hate people telling them exactly what to do, which is why increasingly more people are opting to produce their own power. call it rugged individualism, call iwhat you wl,eoe


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